All about East Midlands Micro Imaging

East Midlands Micro Imaging (EMM) was established in 1978. For over 30 years, we have built an enviable reputation for quality and diligence with our work amongst our customers.

Like most Microfilm bureaux, we expanded in to scanning when it became popular. However, unlike most bureaux, we have not abandoned Microfilm as despite the popularity of digital imaging, Microfilm still has an important role to play in Document Management, Archival and Business Continuity. You can read more about microfilm here.

In August 2006, we merged our business interests with Lightspeed Business Solutions Ltd, based in Woodley, Berkshire. Like EMM, Lightspeed is a specialist scanning and Microfilm company, with a reputation for innovative thinking and problem solving. EMM now has at its disposal a number of new services, like PDF compression and conversion, online services and full colour, large format scanning. An important factor to the deal was that both companies share the same ethos - ensuring EMM would adhere to the principles it was founded on.

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