Microfilm and Microfiche services

Experience and Expertise

EMM are experts in Microfilm and have long been keen exponents of it, serving businesses in and around Northants for over 30 years. It's versatile nature and superb archival properties mean that despite new technologies, it still has an important role to play in business.

EMM can advise you on whether Microfilm could be the answer to your archiving needs - contact us for a no obligation quote and appraisal

Microfilm Conversion

Do you find your self referring to your Microfilm archive more and more? We can help by scanning from microfilm and aperture cards to digital format. You retain the originals for archive purposes and view the digital images on your PC, making paper copies much easier to produce.

Business Continuity

As a result of the much publicised London storage warehouse fire in 2006, there is renewed interest in Microfilm for Disaster Recovery purposes. Whether you scan or store your documents, a microfilm copy will give you complete peace of mind, lasting for at least 60 years (usually much more) in the correct storage conditions.

Legal Admissibility

In this age of litigation it's worth remembering that, due to the precedents set over many years, microfilm is readily admissible in court as evidence; whilst digital images are now admissible, they could still be limited in some areas of admissibility for some time to come.

What's more, filming work to ensure legal admissibility (using Certificate of Authenticity and Certificate of Intent) is a straightforward process and economical to implement. It's important to remember though that a key advantage of microfilm's legal admissibility is that you can physically see that all the appropriate documents have been filmed together - any attempt to delete documents would mean splicing the film. As soon as that happens, the film cannot be guaranteed as original, so keep it away from scissors!